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Contemporary Adaptation along with
Constancy & Change of the Korean Traditional Ceramics
: The old always remains in one way or another in the new

Constancy and Change is a phrase coined by a renowned Joseon scholar Park Ji-won(1737-1805), featured in the foreword of “Chungyugakjip,”
a book written by Park Je-ga (1750-1805) in the 18th century. It meant “make new creations by emulating good traditions.” Park Ji-won’s assertion of
Constancy and Change was intended to denounce the then-prevailing classicism, which resulted in stereotypical writing practices, as well as to
criticize the intellects who sought to effortlessly imitate traditions irrespective of what was going on at the time. Park, through his Constancy and Change
theory, sets forth ideal ways of making new creations. He warned against strict adherence to the old and the new.

Constancy and Change in Korean Craft 2018


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